Your pet is healthy and you would like them to have fun, or, your dog has physical health issues where swimming will aid in improving its over-all body condition, in any case, it’s a great feeling to watch a relaxed pet enjoying a dip in the pool!!!

Pool Timings and Rates


Our pool is open on weekends from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm


FREE for pets boarded with Pet Shack

Rs. 500 per pet.

Memberships (Non-refundable)

Rs. 30,000 per pet for unlimited sessions (valid for 12 months)

Rs. 20,800 per pet for 52 sessions (valid for 12 months)

Rs. 11,500 per pet for 26 sessions (valid for 6 months)

Rs.   5,700 per pet for 12 sessions (valid for 3 months)

10% group discount applicable for a group of 4 pets or more

Pet Pool at Pet Shack

Swimming is probably the only all-round exercise known to human beings. The same is applicable to your pooches too!

To provide a wholesome experience for your pet, Pet Shack included a swimming pool to their list of amenities. As much as it is intended for pets, pooch parents are encouraged to enter the pool with their furry friends to add to the excitement and fun.

Equipped with a filtration unit, the pool is always maintained in a clean and hygienic state. Pet Shack maintains appropriate chlorine levels to decontaminate the water without causing any irritation to you or your pet.

Drop in with your furry friends and have a great time!!

Pets in the pool

Swimming Pool Exclusively for Pets!!

Pet Swimming Pool

Pet Shack does not compromise on the Policies & Procedures laid down from time-to-time. Please read and understand the terms and conditions mentioned therein before availing of our services.

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