Relocation of your pet to the United States of America & Canada will range from Rs.2,00,000/- to Rs.2,50,000/-

Relocation of your pet to European nations will range from Rs.2,00,000/- to Rs.3,00,000/-

* Prices listed above are indicative only and subject to change

British Bull Dog

We all love our pets and for most of us they are the center of our world. In current times, where moving across cities, countries and continents has become a career requirement, we all are desirous of taking our beloved pets along with us. However, for most of us, the sheer thought of the hassles and completion of formalities for pet transportation feels overwhelming.

Pet Shack offers assistance and services to relocate your furry friend internationally to your doorstep. For domestic relocations of your pet, please feel free to contact us for detailed information and pricing.

Pet Shack will take care of all the regulatory requirements to ensure that your pet travels safely and comfortably to its destination.

Currently, we offer personalized international relocation of your pet to United States & Canada. We also provide service packages to relocate your pet to European nations.

German Shepard

Hassle Free, Reliable & Affordable!!

Pet Relocation

Pet Shack does not compromise on the Policies & Procedures laid down from time-to-time. Please read and understand the terms and conditions mentioned therein before availing of our services.

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