Providing basic obedience training is a vital part of being a responsible dog owner. These basic commands make navigating the relationship between your pet and you much easier and keep both you and your pet safe in emergency situations. The responsibility of pet ownership includes properly training and socializing your pet.

Obedience training helps your dog see you as its leader, and it also gives them a mental workout--something that many canines need just as much as physical exercise, to stave off boredom and make them feel useful. And some commands, like a good recall, may even save your dog's life one day.

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No Physical Abuse

Treat-based Training

Obedience Training for Puppies


We teach your pet to obey basic commands which include ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’, ‘Stop’, ‘Up’, ‘Down’, ‘Rest’, ‘Heel’ and ‘Come’. In addition to training your pet, Pet Shack insists on your involvement during the training sessions so that ‘you’ command the pet, rather than the trainer.

Pet Shack ensures consistency in training timings. Being regular and consistent in training timings helps your pet in learning, retaining and following the commands.

Pet Shack uses food/treats, vocal encouragement and tummy rubs as training tools. We do not use, nor, encourage use of physical force to train your pets. Food/treats are phased out gradually ensuring that your pet obeys a command without expecting any treats or rewards.


Pups of any breed with complete vaccination records are eligible for the training program. Ideally, training should commence from the age of 4 months.

Commands covered

Sit: To sit on their hinds on command

Down: To be on the ground on all 4 legs

Wait (Sit-stay & Down-stay): To remain in the Sit or Down position for a period of time

Up: To get up on all the four legs from Sit, Down & Sleep positions

Heel: To walk alongside the walker without tugging, pulling or stretching the leash

No: To immediately stop any activity that the pet is currently doing

Come (Recall): To come towards the caller

Roll/Rest/Sleep: To lie down on either side for a period of time

Optional commands: Fetch & Shake-hand (will be taught to the pet, time-permitting)


Basic Obedience Training usually takes 1 month depending upon the reciprocation of the pet towards training.


Your pet is boarded with Pet Shack for 30 days and our trainers will train your pet at our premises


Boarding & Training: Rs.30,000 (Includes all meals, weekly grooming, swimming & tick/flea treatment)

15% discount applicable for sibling pets.

In case you need professional help to overcome particular behavioural issues, kindly contact Pet Shack for a detailed discussion on a tailor-made corrective program for your pet. Rates & time duration will differ on a case-to-case basis, based on our assessment of your pet.

Pet Shack does not compromise on the Policies & Procedures laid down from time-to-time. Please read and understand the terms and conditions mentioned therein before availing of our services.

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